Photography is the science, Art, Application and practice which is a result of several technical discoveries.

Photography club is formed at SR Engineering College to debate the students in this field and finding out one’s self creation in a certain domain thereby extending their learning. This develops knowledge and their internal power and imagination by showcasing the photos with what elements to exclude, what angle to frame the photo, to express an impression of an objects in a subjective form.

Movie making is a gateway to build community among students, hone students’ writing, engage students’ creative imaginations, and instill imaginations to build confidence.

Thus to bring out talents among the students SR Engineering College has started a “Photography and Movie Making Club” to motivate them and inspire them to excel their career in the field of interest of photography and movie making.

The major objectives of this club are to

To motivate students to exhibit their talents in photography and video making.

To encourage and see how student compile and edit pictures and get a strong visual aesthetic.

To express their taught with an emphasis on perceptual, technical and artistic skills.

To explore and explain their creativeness, to recognize their career opportunities.

To look into their views of making photography in both natural and artificial, and see how they manipulate and control an artistic vision

Involving students in making photography and video’s of different events in the college.

Faculty Incharge(s):

SnoNameContact No.
1Mr. Y. Chanti9963084035
2Mr. D. Venkatesh (Media Lab Incharge)9676003401

Student Members of the club:

SnoNameContact No.
1S. Rahul9640284292
2K. Shiva Rama Krishna8106779604
3K. Abhinav9246897888
4S. Sravani8790992285
5K. Himasee-