INNOWIZ club has been established with a motive of unfurling the managerial and leadership skills of the students pursuing Masters of Business Management and Integrated MBA. The club conducts various activities like:

Magnova-Business Quiz

Retrops-Stock Game

Empora-Marketing Warfare

Business Plan and Model Canvas


Group Discussion




Read & Share

The above activities enhance the managerial skills of the students thus encouraging them towards utilizing the best of their capabilities. The brainstorming activity helps in invoking the thought process of the students to take the best decisions in stringent business condition. The above programs contribute in inculcating the Entrepreneurial culture in the campus. The club promotes the significance of Team work among the students.

Equip the students with Managerial skill-set.

Motivate students to build team work culture.

Stimulate the critical thinking abilities.

Develop the communication skills.

Groom the students to sculpt their Personalities.

Transform the introverts to extroverts by helping them overcome their stage fear.

An expert talk on Employability skills was organized on 4th July-2017 by Krish Chinthaluri.Director,Adopto Solutions,Hyderabad and Sridhar Remella,Vice-President HR,Fluent Grid.

An expert talk on Trackinvest-Tool for tracking Investment was organized on 22nd July-2017 by Mr.Parmeshwar.P.Iyer,Dept. of Management Studies IISc,Bangalore.

One day Management Fest was organized on November 10th-2017 in which 234 students participated from various colleges in and around Warangal.

A one day workshop on Changing Dynamics in Business organized on November 16th-2017 by Mr.Venkatesh Kulkarni,Vice-President,JK Agri- Tech-Hyderabad.

A one day workshop on Block-chain was organized on February 28th 2018 by Mr.Radhakrishna Thatavarthi,CEO&Founder of Oxyloans and Founder of Global Block chain pioneer’s Association,Dubai,UAE.

Faculty Incharge(s):

SnoNameContact No.
1Mrs. Kafila9949311788
2Mr. G. Sateesh Raj7799141421
3Mr. M. Shravan9676716559

Student Members of the club:

SnoNameContact No.
2D.Nanda Kishore9000600231
3Sd.Fazil Qhamer9700900808