Drama and theatre club provides theatre training and positive mental relationships to the students throughout each step in their journey of life. This club includes play acts which improves youth to tell the stories in the way they want. It builds leadership skills in young students in working as a team communication, listening and responding story building and presenting which make them vulnerable providing an opportunity to laugh, play and cultivate life skills.

In this challenge competition all B.Tech. and M.Tech. students of all diciplanes can participate. Each individual participant will be given a challenge, the participants are expected to work on the given challenge with in a specified time. The participants who come up with the optimum code(meets the constraints specified in a challenge) will be announced as a winners.

The major objectives of this club are to

Self Expression: Students will become more expressive in thoughts by way of their act and impressions

Confidence: students improve levels of confidence by shedding away the shyness by performing in front of huge audience by giving off their best

Socio-culture: Students can make new friends and improves social interaction and enhance their creativity by coming out of practical life and enter into the world of imaginations.

Fun: Totally it creates a huge positive impact on once carrier

Activities undertaken under the Club

1. Mime:

Women Harassment (1st Prize)

Farmers Suicide

Railway Station

Save Water


2. Drama:

Women Harassment (1st Prize)

Romeo & Juliet


Song act

Value of relationship

3. Short film

Ticket Booking

The escape & Addiction



Faculty Incharge(s):


Student Members of the club:

SnoNameContact No.
1Mushraf ahmed7674918868
2Saqlain Mushtaq8142300833
3Aki Yugender7093783790