The purpose of the Painting and Sketching club is to inculcate interest and keep up the momentum of the aesthetic minds to turn the interest into passion. This form of art basically acts as a therapeutic treatment to each and every mind, as every mind accumulates lots of toxins from today’s mundane world.This helps in detoxifying one’s self without any external healing and rejuvenates the mind within. As the statement by the Great maestro Picasso says ‘The purpose of the art is to washing the dust of our daily life off our souls. So, join the club enjoy and the journey of the artistic life!

Painting and Sketching practices are developing new ways of thinking, seeing, and creativity of student.

Building confidence of students through exercises that help you explore different types of painting techniques.

Painting and sketching extends student's ideas of possible sources for their paintings. Students are introduced to additional painting techniques , as well as to a diverse range of historical and contemporary artist's practices. It turns, students to develop a greater sense of creating "their own work."

Students are encouraged to develop an area of personal painting and sketching skill informed both by their own enthusiasms and interests . It awakes the self thinking capability and improve the designing of thought in the way of innovation

A practice session conducted on 10th Jan 2018 .From all branches 35 students were presented.

2nd practice session conducted on 24th Jan 2018 . From all branches 20 students were presented

First competition conducted on 30th jan 2018.From all branches 54 students were participated .We announced the "Village Environment " topic for painting and sketching .We alloted Judges from design department .Judgement group fairly shortlisted few best paints which are reach the concept and skill .Cordially we invited Dr.A.Archana Reddy to distribute the prizes .

Three best prizes in the competetion are:

First Prize -sruthi 1st Year Civil (Cash amount for First Prize is Rs 2000 ).

Second Prize-shairose 1st Year CSE (Cash amount for Second Prize is Rs 1500 ).

Third Prize-R.Kavya 3rd Year CSE (Cash amount for Third Prize is Rs 1000 ).

We also announced the 10 consolation prizes to encorage the students.

Faculty Incharge(s):

SnoNameContact No.
1Mrs. G.Renuka 9849525423
2Mrs. B.Satyavani9908760926
3Mr. Md. Sallauddin9885502477
4Mr. D. Sai Shashank9885827298
5Mr. M. Shiva Chandar9160266041

Student Co-ordinators:

SnoNameContact No.
2Prashanth Reddy9182537764
3Md.Saqlain Musthaq8142300833
4Rahul Chandrahas7680964603
6Varsha Reddy9652204326
8Laxmi Prasanna8008252620