The purpose of the challenge is to identify people with excellent programming skills who can write/design/develop code with sound logic and good programming standards. It aims to promote and develop the programming culture by providing courses that enhance the knowledge and experience of programming.

In this challenge competition all B.Tech. and M.Tech. students of all diciplanes can participate. Each individual participant will be given a challenge, the participants are expected to work on the given challenge with in a specified time. The participants who come up with the optimum code(meets the constraints specified in a challenge) will be announced as a winners.

Instructions to the participants:

Follow the timings strictly.

Electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited.

You are not allowed to discuss during the examination, if you discuss your answers will not be considered for assessment.

Use the given credentials to login.

Your login and logout time will be recorded and considered for assessment.

Do the rough work on provided white paper, write your roll number and name on the paper and submit it at the end of the examination. It is also considered for evaluation.

Performance is measured on the basis of time taken to complete, and efficiency of code.

After the completion of give challenge properly shutdown the system and leave the lab.

Winners details will be displayed on the notice board and website.

Motivate students to learn programming with enthusiasm.

Developing students' skills in programming.

Teach various methods of solving programming problems in different points of view.

Motivating students to think, innovate, and show their talents.

Who can join the team?

Anybody can be a part of this club, who

Are interested in programming.

Needs to take part in various programming events.

Wants to learn programming with fun.

Likes to get the latest updates in the programming field.

Activities undertaken (2017 -18) under the Club

Code Challenge 1 is organized on 08-01-2018, 194 students are participated.(Winners list is attached)

An expert talk on “ METASPOLIT FRAMEWORK-ETHICAL HACKING ” organized on 10-02-2018 ,delivered By RIMALPREET SINGH, NIT, Warangal.

Code Challenge 2 is organized on 07-03-2018, 84 students are participated. (Winners list is attached)

To organize and offer various programs on Personality Development, Soft Skills and Communication Skills.

To conduct a survey among students on their career options

Conducts aptitude test.

To organize programmes to create awareness about the importance of higher studies in India and Abroad.

To organize diagnostic tests for the competitive exams such as IELTS,GRE,GMAT and to counsel them for higher studies.

To organize coaching classes on IELTS ,CAT, TOEFL,GRE etc. towards higher studies.

Faculty Incharge(s):

1P.Pramod Kumar9490379015

Student Members of the club:

1Sandeep 7013550027
2Sai Teja 8247772464
3L Swaraj 9912606048
4M. Sai Teja 8341207555
5M. Sreekar Reddy 7013550027
6N.RADHIKA 9652492184
7A.Sindhuja 7673983868