SCALE (Student Consortium for Advanced Learning in Engineering Education) workshop will be conducted in SR Engineering College on theme “21st Century Grand Challenges” from 30-08-2018 to 01-09-2018 in collaboration with IUCEE (Indo-Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education)

Engineering is basically the application of science to make the life better. Application of engineering is growing seamlessly crossing the physical, geographical borders. Today’s engineer is a global citizen addressing the global problems in addition to the local problems. The tool or product designed has to be relevant for any geospatial, cultural and even logical barriers. The challenges are multiple. If solutions to these challenges are critical, then adaptation in the process of finding solutions is mandatory. Engineer has to incorporate global personality traits in teams of heterogeneous nature and the product generated thereby has to be consumed not withstanding any boundaries.

The process in the workshop includes building models, plans, solutions, schemes, idea creation and various modes of engineering dialogue. SCALE is a student initiative, working in collaboration with IUCEE, which is a platform of the students, by the students, for the students. The workshop provides a platform to encourage students to work in a passionate manner apart from the syllabi set by the educational committees. It engages students to work on Project Based Learning, which enables an individual to be competent for the industry and outside world. Students would also be given tasks or action plans to develop in the workshop wherein they can brainstorm and arise with creative and mind blowing ideas which can help the rapidly growing society.

The duration of the workshop is 3 days. The first day starts with introduction to the theme of the workshop and followed by churning sessions, wet skill sessions and group activities. The second day starts with a presentation on the importance of action plan development followed by development of action plans by the participants by exploring the theme and involves presentation of the action plans by various groups to the peer of the colleges. The workshops are facilitated by 3 experienced SCALE members across the country.

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Outcomes of the Workshop:

Creates awareness on Engineering Education

Fostering creativity and innovation.

Enhances interest in Engineering, science and Technology, Entrepreneurship.

Form synergy through energy in workplaces.

Best three student action plans to get cash Prizes of Rs. 2500/-

Enhances Learning, Enjoyment and Innovation in Engineering

Participants will receive certificate of participation.


Student Coordinators:

For any further information regarding the workshop, you can contact



+91 7330970803



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+91 7036986529

Faculty Coordinator:

Dr.A.Subba Rao