Anti-Ragging Committee is constituted with the following members:

S.No. Name Download Role
1 Dr. Syed Musthak Ahmed Dean (Academics) Chairman
2 Dr. P. SrinivasPhysical Director/ H&Sc. Convener
3 Mr. A. Shiva Krishna Asst. Professor/CE Member
4 Mr. A. Nookapathi RajuAsst. Professor/CE Member
5 Mr. K. Rajeshwar ReddyAsst. Professor/EEE Member
6 Mr. G. Satheesh Asst. Professor/EEE Member
7 Mr. K. Dhanraj Asst. Professor/EEE Member
8 Mr. G. Renuka Asst. Professor/ECE Member
9 Mr. K. Sridhar Reddy Asst. Professor/ECE Member
10 Mr. M. Rajkumar Asst. Professor/ECE Member
11 Mr. A. Rajesh Asst. Professor/ME Member
12 Mr. Ch. Vinay Kumar Reddy Asst. Professor/ME Member
13 Mr. N. Vijay Kumar Asst. Professor/CSE Member
14 Dr. Kothandaram Asst. Professor/CSE Member
15 Mr. Syed Nawaz Pasha Asst. Professor/CSE Member
16 Dr. C. BalaramakrishnaAsst. Professor/H&Sc Member
17 Dr. Rashmi AgarwalAsst. Professor/H&sc Member
18 Mr. K. SrisailamAsst. Professor/H&Sc Member
19 Mr. E. Ramesh Asst. Professor/MBA Member
20 Mr. M. Shravan , Asst. Professor/MBA Member

A Grievance Redressal Committee is constituted with following members:

S.No. Name Designation Role
1 Dr. P. Venkata Ramana Rao Assoc. Prof./H&Sc Convener
2 Dr. J. Tarun Professor/ECE Member
3 Dr. Ram Ragotham Deshmukh, Asst.Prof. / EEE Member
4 Dr. Abdy Sayyed Mohd Abbas Haider, Assoc.Prof./CE Member
5 Mr. B. Satish Kumar Assoc.Prof./ME Member
6 Mr. A. Srinivas Asst.Prof./CSE Member
7 Dr. V. Radhika Reddy Assoc.Prof./H&Sc Member
8 Ms. M. Rajyalaxmi Asst.Prof./MBA Member
9 Dr. R. Archana Reddy Professor./H&Sc Member
10 Ms. N. Praveena Devi Asst.Prof./ME Member
11 Ms. M. Sheshikala Asst.Prof./CSE Member
12 Dr. P. Sammaiah Professor./ME Member